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La tecnologia Super X-Fi cattura l'esperienza di ascolto di un impianto di altoparlanti multipli high-end in uno studio professionale e ricrea la stessa esperienza estesa nelle tue cuffie, sfruttando complessi algoritmi e tecniche a elevato volume computazionale per adattare l'audio a ogni individuo, grazie a un processo sofisticato di mappatura della testa e dell'orecchio.

La tecnologia Creative permette a un paio di cuffie stereo di produrre suono come se fosse presente un set di altoparlanti surround nella stanza insieme a te. Si tratta di un'importante tecnologia adoperata da applicazioni professionali, incorporata in un pratico prodotto di consumo.

- Adam Patrick Murray,
PC World

In qualità di primo al mondo, il chip SXFI è progettato ingegneristicamente e appositamente per alimentare la tecnologia Super X-Fi, oltre a essere integrato nell'intera gamma di prodotti SXFI, permettendo gli utenti di godersi la pluripremiata olografia audio in maniera comoda con ed in diversi formati,dispositivi e piattaforme.


Amplificatore per cuffie Super X-Fi® per utenti Android


Cuffie USB con tecnologia Super X-Fi integrata per audio olografico personalizzato


Cuffie Bluetooth e USB con tecnologia Super X-Fi incorporata per olografia audio personalizzata


Sia che tu guardi film o viaggi in aereo, la tecnologia Super X-Fi è in grado di trasformare i video in un'esperienza audio cinematografica a pieno titolo.


Assapora l'effetto spaziale della tecnologia Super X-Fi sulla tua musica e senti come il palcoscenico sonoro si espande, come se ti trovassi a teatro per il concerto o stessi ascoltando dal vivo! Prova ad ascoltare alcuni brani mono dell'epoca d'oro della musica e rimarrai sbalordito da come Super X-Fi trasformi la musica.


Goditi i videogiochi con le capacità cinematografiche della tecnologia Super X-Fi! Si aprirà il palcoscenico sonoro e verrai trasportato nell'ambiente di gioco stesso.


Puoi riprodurre in streaming contenuti dalle tue app preferite, come Spotify e YouTube oppure direttamente dai contenuti locali del tuo dispositivo. Le opzioni sono infinite!

Compatibile sulla maggior parte di piattaforme e dispositivi, la tecnologia Super X-Fi personalizza l'esperienza audio delle cuffie in base a un profilo di ascolto unico per ogni utilizzatore, che tiene in considerazione i complessi percorsi con cui i suoni esterni si spostano verso le orecchie.

  • Android Phone
  • PC/Mac
  • Switch
  • PS4


What the F***?!! . . . It was really something else I think, all of us, there was a collective gasp when the technology was demonstrated to us . . . its feels like big leap forward

- Wong Renhao
(Content Producer, Tech In Asia)

Creative's new Super X-Fi audio tech is FRIGGING MIND -BLOWING. The company known for Soundblaster finally has a new killer product, and you'll probably want one too.

- Aloysius Low,

The device also made straightforward stereo music tracks sound MAGICAL, as if you were in the room with the musicians playing live.

- Michael Brown,
TechHive Staff

I had a listen and was left amazed. Super X-Fi showed a lot of promise.

- Kenny Yeo, Associate Editor,
Hardware Zone

(Using Super X-Fi) I heard game clips and it was insanely effective. INSANE.

- Mark Henninger, Senior Editor,
AVS Forum

.. no one in the industry could solve this decade's-long problem. Creative's Super X-Fi could be the game changer.

- The Neo Dimension

Hands down, this was the best demo of CES—and it's the product I'm most looking forward to reviewing this year.

- PCWorld

Creative has the demo to beat at this year's CES. The company is showing an early prototype of a product it calls Super X-Fi Headphone Audio. And it blew my mind.

- TechHive

Creative ߪ looks to have finally cracked the issue of fitting full sized speakers into a pair of portable cans... I heard it through the earphones in exactly the same way I heard it via the speakers, and it was nothing short of AMAZING.

- Sherwin Loh,

To bring this to a dongle that would just work with any headphones and be super affordable, that's really the HOLY GRAIL of headphone processing technology.

- Mark Henninger,

It was an amazing experience totally! I've been in the business for 40 years, and that's some of the best sound I've heard. And for the price point you're going to sell it for, IT'S OBSCENE.

- John R. Ross
(CES 2018 Audio Industry Veteran)

I just finished the best demo of the show. It's not a curved TV, it's not 8K, it is, wait for it, Creative Lab's new Super X-Fi technology...And it just floors you ... it's gonna be a steal at US$150.

- Gordon Ung, Executive Editor,

Well the fact that it's going to be everyone's hands, you know, a product that everyone can afford, and it's something that is literally going to change the way people listen to things by that one little dongle.

- Vernon A
(Radio DJ, Class 95)

For a while there, I actually thought that the speakers were on, and that there was nothing coming through both cans, until I took them off to hear nothing emanating from the speakers.

- GeekCulture

This Holographic-Sound Headphone Dongle BLEW MY MIND. This mind-blowing audio technology uses acoustic mapping and holographic sound to create a headphone experience that's nearly indistinguishable from what you'd get out of a dedicated set of surround speakers.

- Michael Andronico,
Tom's Guide

You can take the headphones off, listening to again; a three— or four—thousand Dolby Atmos system, and put the headphones on, and it will sound just as good. In fact for my ears, I gotta say, it sounded better.

- Gordon Ung, Executive Editor,

I listened to the demo and it was MIND-BLOWING! The surround sound I heard from the headphone was amazing and I even took the headphones off just to confirm that I wasn't hearing the sound from the physical surround speakers. Judging from the guests' reactions, they were equally or almost as impressed as I am.

- The Neo Dimension

If you're curious about what ‘audio holography' is, Creative Labs has the goods with its Super X-Fi technology. I gave it a good listen at CES 2018, and it sounded glorious! After hearing the results, I was simply blown away. Even with all the audio products I've tested over the years, my ears were never subjected to anything quite like this.

- Ted Kritsonis,
Mobile Syrup

During the audition, the Super X-Fi system created a realistic sense of space as I listened to a soundtrack. It took the audio that would have been usually stuck between my ears and projected “outside” the confines of my head. I was able to pinpoint the sound sources in a room as well as gauge the distance between them.

- Wilson Wong,

I know, it's unbelievable that the little ‘dongle' above can give you sound as good as a 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround System (Dolby Atmos 5.1.2) but it absolutely does!

- Rylind Corolis,

As an audio engineer I readily claim that most ‘virtual' surround sound applications are junk - until now. Creative Lab's Super X-Fi blew me away.

- Adam Patrick Murray,
PC World Staff

What impresses me the most is how Super X-Fi managed to turn a standard 2.0 music track into a realistic live surround effect. It is done so well that it's as if the artist is singing RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME.

- Warren,